Ontario's Tree Initiatives

Canada hits its 150th birthday in the year 2017, and Forests Ontario is taking the lead in initiatives that celebrate trees and forests in support of a greener future.

If you have any questions, or wish to have material on these programs sent to you, please contact Forests Ontario at 1-877-646-1193.

Green Leaf Challenge:

In the celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday, the Ontario Government and Forests Ontario started the Green Leaf Challenge to hit the goal to plant three million trees across Ontario for 2017, and invite Ontarians to join in on the challenge. You can add your planted tree to the GLC’s online tree counter on their website, and view on their interactive map where you and others planted their trees. Click here to view Green Leaf Challenges tree counter and learn more about the challenge.

Ontario Heritage Tree Program:

The Heritage Tree Program seeks historical and storied trees within communities and neighborhoods. Trees linked to significant events or figures or trees that hold unique characteristics such as size, form, shape, age, or species fall under the category for a heritage tree. Examples of heritage trees include trees that:

  • Were planted by or located on a property inhabited by a historical figure
  • Have been marked or modified by First Nations groups
  • Are notable for their age or species
  • Served as inspiration for a well-known work of art

If you know of a heritage tree in your neighborhood or community, Forests Ontario would love to hear about it, and its story! Click here to visit Heritage Tree's website to learn more or click here to register and nominate a tree!

The 50 Million Tree Program:

The Ontario government has set and committed to a goal of planting 50 million trees by 2025, and is providing assistance for landowners to get involved in the planting!

 If you have 2.5 or more acres of available land, the 50 Million Tree Program is offering you financial and practical assistance for tree planting. The assistance offered through the program can cover a significant portion of costs associated to planting. Plantings are also delivered by partners across Ontario in order to minimize efforts for you, the landowner. The 50 Million Tree Program is a great opportunity for landowners to leave a legacy for their community and enhance their property’s value and function.

Click here for more information from Forest Ontario.

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