Two Wedding Bands set on a wedding bookGetting Married? Here's what you need to know.

Who can perform a marriage ceremony?
Do I need a Marriage License?
How do I get a Marriage License of Marriage Certificate?
Civil Marriage Ceremonies
Facility Rentals

Who can perform a marriage ceremony? 

A religious marriage can be performed by a member of a recognized religious organization authorized to perform marriages in Ontario under the Marriage Act.

A civil marriage ceremony may be performed by a Marriage Commissioner, such as the Municipal Clerk who has been appointed by the Municipality.

Do I need a Marriage Licence?

In most cases, if you are being married in a religious or civil ceremony, you must obtain a Marriage Licence through the Municipality.

How do I get a Marriage Licence or Marriage Certificate?

You may download a copy of the Marriage Licence Application from the Service Ontario website or you can obtain a copy from the Municipality.

Civil Wedding Ceremonies

Are you looking for an experienced Wedding Officiant to make your wedding ceremony exceptional? The Municipality of South Dundas offers civil marriage ceremonies officiated by Brenda Brunt, Clerk and Marriage Commissioner.

Ceremonies can be conducted in Council Chambers at the South Dundas Municipal Centre or conducted in your choice of location.

In order to provide the right service to the couple and prepare a personalized wedding, a pre-ceremony meeting will be scheduled with both parties.

To avoid disappointment, couples are encouraged to reserve their wedding date with an Officiant in advance.

Click here for information on Civil Wedding Ceremonies. Please note that the Civil Wedding Ceremony fees do not include marriage license.

Wedding, Stag, Special Event?

South Dundas provides a variety of multi-use facilities which are cost efficient to meet the needs of your event or activity. Staff are available to assist you with your rental and any questions you may have.

Click here for more information on our facilities.