South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services is well advanced in emergency management. Enacted during Ice Storm ‘98, The South Dundas Emergency Management Program reinforces the values of an effective community emergency management plan.

The Municipality meets the emergency management program requirements under the Provincial Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act and its standards under Regulation 380/4.

South Dundas Emergency Management Program

The South Dundas Emergency Management Program is based on a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) process.  The priority risks selected by the Municipality’s Emergency Management Program Committee are:

• Transportation Accidents - Road & Rail

• Human Health Emergencies and Epidemics

• Severe Weather Storms

• Natural Disasters

An approved emergency response plan exists, and a copy is available at the Municipal Office for viewing by the public or  online by clicking here.

Training for emergency managers is held annually, and the emergency response plan is tested annually with exercises. Each year, all components of the community emergency management program are verified by Emergency Management Ontario field officers.