South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services provides full fire protection coverage, including suppression prevention and education programs, inspections, fire code reviews and pre-planning, water rescue as well as various emergency rescues.

South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services works with the following Townships to provide quick and efficient services under the automatic aid agreement:

  • Township of North Dundas for first response coverage in the northerly sections of the Municipality
  • Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal for first response coverage in the south-westerly section of the Municipality
  • Township of South Stormont for first response coverage in south-easterly section of the Municipality

Fire Stations

The Municipality of South Dundas has a full time Fire Chief that is responsible for three fire stations. The stations are located in Iroquois, Morrisburg and Williamsburg.  Each fire station has a Deputy Fire Chief and a full complement of officers and fire fighters (between 20 and 24 fire personnel per station).

Cameron Morehouse
Director of Fire & Emergency Services
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Iroquois Fire Station 1-4
Deputy Fire Chief Philip Thompson
1 Dundas Street
Iroquois, Ontario
K0E 1K0

Morrisburg Fire Station 1-6 
Deputy Fire Chief Mike Van Allen
6 Fifth Street West
Morrisburg, Ontario
K0C 1X0

Williamsburg Fire Station 1-8 
Deputy Fire Chief Brian Vanhoof
4334 Villa Drive
Williamsburg, Ontario
K0C 2H0

Volunteer Firefighters

Volunteer Firefighting is a rewarding experience and essential to South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services. For more information on how to become a Volunteer Firefighter please read and fill out the following Recruitment Package.

Burn Permits

There is a new by-law and process in place for open air burning effective March 4, 2013. Please see the following two documents and contact the Fire & Emergency Services Department for more information.

 Open Air Burning By-Law

 Open Air Burning Permit Application

Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation

The South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services has successfully completed the Fire Department Water Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation for the rural areas of South Dundas.

The purpose of the Fire Department Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is to provide hydrant protected insurance gradings in areas of the Municipality that are not protected with hydrants

Certificate - Iroquois

Certificate - Morrisburg

Certificate - Williamsburg