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Youth Putting Down Rural Roots

Sarah McMillian is a 29-year-old South Dundas resident. She is married to Grant McMillian and is a proud mother to a little girl named Emma. Sarah has been a part of the South Dundas community all her life. She grew up in a cozy town home in Morrisburg. She now lives in Iroquois with her family that she and her husband built together, putting down roots in South Dundas.

Sarah McMillian at her Adopt-A-Road Sign on County Road 16.

Sarah has contributed to making South Dundas a better place in many ways; one of those ways is through her work as a volunteer. Sarah and little Emma both participated in Roots for Empathy at the Iroquois Public School. Roots for Empathy is a program that encourages the youth to end bullying and harassment in schools and in the community. Students were taught how to behave and treat other children with respect by helping Emma through various tasks and scenarios.

“I feel strongly about giving everyone a chance to better themselves,” said Sarah. “The positive energy and the lessons they take with them after completing the program makes it worthwhile. It’s rewarding to see the kids happy.”

Sarah also participates in 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas. 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas, is a group of women who meet once a year and pledge a financial contribution to a local charity of the group’s choosing. In 2019 the South Dundas chapter donated funds to the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee, Seaway District High School Learning Commons Room and the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation. Members are already lining up for 2020.

Another contribution that Sarah has made to the community is through her work with the Counties Adopt-A-Road program. This program is designed to help keep roadways clean, free from garbage, maintained and safe for other motorists and pedestrians. Sarah decided to join this program because she wanted to do her part to make the environment healthier, safer and cleaner.

“I believe that it is important for young people to take care of the community in which we live,” added Sarah. “Cleaning up these spaces and giving back to the community encourages other youth to get involved.”

Sarah has also pursued higher education in Eastern Ontario. She completed her high school diploma at Seaway District High School located in Iroquois; followed by the Business Administration Accounting program at St. Lawrence College. After receiving her diploma, she then moved on to Laurentian University through another St. Lawrence College program and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. Currently she is enrolled with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario in the Professional Education Program (PEP) and working towards the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

The past four years, Sarah has also been employed with the Municipality of South Dundas.  In the role of Treasurer, Sarah looks after the financial activities of the Municipality, supervising the finance department, as well as implementing, updating, following the financial policies and procedures. Sarah’s interest in the Municipality was fuelled by her interest in local politics.

Sarah grew up wanting stay in South Dundas because of the small town feel and how amazing South Dundas is to raise a family. Sarah and her daughter, Emma love watching the boats go by at the Iroquois Lock and the family often enjoys walking at Two Creeks trails and playing at Earl Baker Park.

There is no doubt that Sarah will stay successful and continue to build her career. With all of Sarah’s hard work and determination at such a young age she will continue to help achieve wonderful things throughout South Dundas!