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SLWC program to be offered to South Dundas homeowners

SOUTH DUNDAS — South Dundas residents should expect to see a letter from Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) in their mailboxes this week. The information will include the Municipality of South Dundas name and logo, demonstrating our support of this service. The partnership allows SLWC to offer a service vetted by the Municipality while retaining all time and costs associated with the promotion of the program.

SLWC, who is also partnered with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and their commercial division Local Authority Services (LAS), is a residential service line repair plan provider. The lines covered include the exterior water service and sewer/septic lines that run between your home and the public utility connection. These lines are the responsibility of the homeowner and subjected to the same issues that can cause public service lines to decay.

The program is completely optional and homeowners who purchase one of the plans will receive financial protection against repair costs and facilitated repairs using local licensed and approved contractors.

SLWC is an independent provider and is the sole administrator of the program. All mailing information was obtained by SLWC without the involvement of the Municipality and no public funds were used.

More information about the service plan is available at slwofc.ca.