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Youth Putting Down Rural Roots

Bryce St. Pierre with his trumpet.

Bryce St. Pierre is a 17-year-old South Dundas resident with a passion for making an impact in his community. The Seaway District High School student loves to play music and is an active volunteer with the Morrisburg and District Lions Club.

Bryce has contributed to making South Dundas a more enjoyable and exciting place in many ways; one of those ways is through his work as a volunteer. As a young member of the Lions Club, also called a Leo, Bryce has achieved over 300 volunteer hours and he shows no sign of stopping.

Some of his work as a Leo has included: event set-up for Tubie weekend, Canada Day and others, while helping make sure the activities run smoothly.  He has also helped with bottle drives to raise money for different charities within the community.

Most notably during his time as a Leo, Bryce spent a summer fundraising for a volunteer mission trip to a school in Madagascar. Despite not being able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, Bryce did not want the money raised to go to waste. He decided it was only appropriate to donate the money to the school he was supposed to visit. In October of 2016, at only 14 years of age, Bryce donated $1,727 to the Madagascar School Project at a fundraising dinner in Morrisburg.

“Being a volunteer means helping others without expecting anything in return,” said Bryce. “I volunteer my time to help out wherever it is needed.”

If you don’t find Bryce volunteering you’ll find him playing music. Bryce has achieved many goals and had great opportunities, even participating in Seaway’s Band Council. Bryce plays in many different bands including, his high school band, Night Train Jazz Band, Stormont Cadet Band and his very own band, Almost Synchronized. The Lions Club always asks Almost Synchronized to play at the end of year Lions meeting. They have had the opportunity to play at an Ottawa Senators game, giving the band a bigger following and more experience to really take their music to a professional level.

Bryce has participated at the Kinsmen Music Festival for the past couple years. He played with Seaway District High school, Almost Synchronized and as a soloist. In 2019, all three performances won a gold standing and Bryce was given an Award of Merit for his trumpet solo and Almost Synchronized performance.

Bryce has accomplished many things as a musician. He was accepted to play with the Provincial Honour Band and spent four days playing with other high school musicians in Ontario with a final performance for all music teachers in Ontario.

He also ranked in the regional competition with the Stormont Cadet Band, which allowed them to play at the Provincial Competition in Borden.

“Music is a lifestyle because to do well you have to be very committed and willing to put in a lot of time,” said Bryce.

Bryce will be heading into his Senior year at Seaway District High School this Fall; after-which he said he hopes to pursue a post-secondary education in Commerce with a focus on finance or wealth management. Bryce said he hopes to come back to South Dundas one day and set up his own practice.

Bryce wants to return to South Dundas because of the many things that the region has to offer; including its many recreational activities. During the warm Spring and Summer months Bryce participates in recreational basketball and when the basketball season ends you will catch Bryce at one of South Dundas’ outdoor skating rinks playing hockey with his friends.

Bryce is making a difference in South Dundas and is an inspiration to many. Bryce can be found volunteering or at one of his many concerts where South Dundas will surely be there to cheer him on. With all of Bryce’s hard work and determination at such a young age he will continue to help achieve wonderful things and put smiles on faces throughout South Dundas!