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COVID-19 Update from Mayor Steven Byvelds – March 25

“Presently, there are four cases in the Eastern Ontario Health Unit jurisdiction. The Municipality has taken measures to keep our staff safe by reducing the number of staff in the office and communal workplaces at one time. We have taken precautionary measures to ensure essential services will remain unaffected.

“Staff are working to develop a plan to support our businesses and residents throughout this unprecedented time. As we manage life through this pandemic we must also look to the future and how South Dundas will recover and prosper.

“Our health officials and senior governments have estimated this issue may continue for many more weeks. In an effort to allow local Councils to continue their work, the Province has enacted legislation to permit electronic Council meetings. This legislation will provide us with the capability to include Council and staff members who are self-isolating and unable to attend in-person. We will implement strict social distancing measures for those attending meetings. Additionally, we are exploring new ways for the community to participate in the democratic process while ensuring their safety.

“Our Emergency Management Committee continues to meet regularly and implement new measures based on the recommendation of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, Federal and Provincial government. South Dundas and neighbouring local governments have discussed the potential to declare a State of Emergency in their respective municipalities. However, at present our committee has determined it unnecessary in South Dundas.

“We must all work together to help flatten the curve though social distancing. Please, stay home as much as possible and only go out for essentials. If you have returned from outside Canada, you must self-isolate to protect our community. Ask family and friends to bring you what you need. Stay healthy and stay informed; if you need help, reach out.

“Our actions throughout this pandemic will reflect what type of community we live in and I believe the people of South Dundas care about each other. These are uncertain times, but together we will get through this and be stronger in the end.”