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No spray signage for pesticide use

Please note that the Municipality of South Dundas will use pesticides to control weeds along the rural roadsides beginning May 11, 2020 (weather permitting) and ending July 11, 2020. Read more on our website.
If you do not want the right-of-way in front of your property to be treated:
  1. You must post “No Spray” signs at the start and finish of your property.
  2. The “No Spray” signs must be at least 1′ x 2′ and located 3′ from the edge of the gravel shoulder.
  3. Signs must be 1′ above any vegetation so that it is easy to see from the road.
  4. Spraying will not occur if the ditch is mowed on a regular basis (maintained as a lawn). However, to ensure that spraying does not occur, we recommend you install a sign regardless of how the ditch is maintained.

Read the full notice here: 2020 Pesticide Notice