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South Dundas installs first Farm 911 signs after launching the program this spring

Pictured above from left: Jackie Pemberton from the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan, Jim Shaw of the Dundas Federation of Agriculture, OPP Constable Laura Dargie and South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services fire chief Cameron Morehouse.
Courtesy Morrisburg Leader photo

June 17, 2020 marked the launch of the first sign installation for the South Dundas Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program.

The Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program provides agricultural landowners with the opportunity to apply for a civic address for a farm field. Farm accidents often occur in remote locations making it difficult for first responders to locate the emergency in time. The installation of a civic address makes it easier for these first responders to identify the site of an accident or emergency and reduce their response time.

The first installation in South Dundas occurred on a farm property owned by Councillor Archie Mellan. As a local agricultural producer, Mellan worked with his fellow Council members and staff to bring the program to South Dundas.

“The South Dundas Council have been avid supporters of the Farm 911 initiative and are proud to be a Municipal partner,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds. “Councillor Mellan deserves a lot of credit for his work to bring this program to South Dundas. So, thank you to him and everyone for making this a reality and working to make our community a safer place.”

More information about the program and application forms can be found on the Farm 911 page.