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Playhouse announces plans for exciting, entertaining & safe 2021 season

Playhouse Cancels 2020 Fall & Christmas Shows

Announces Plans for Exciting, Entertaining & Safe 2021 Season

In show business, timing is everything. Morrisburg’s Upper Canada Playhouse continues to abide by this tried and true advice by cancelling its two fall productions: the comedy 20-20 Rear Vision as well as the new concert The Highwaymen. They will also be cancelling the theatre’s winter production of A Christmas Carol. Playhouse Box Office will begin contacting all patrons who have booked these shows.

Playhouse Artistic Director Donnie Bowes stresses “It’s the right thing to do and the right time to do it. All of our theatre colleagues in the industry have come to the same conclusion. It’s too early to open our doors.” Bowes emphasizes that, although our country has been making great strides to protect us all from the effects of this pandemic, the nature of live performance and events presents many inherent challenges we all need to recognize and solve in order to protect ourselves and each other.

But The Playhouse is looking to the future by planning an exciting and entertaining line-up for 2021, delivered with the health and safety measures and entertainment content that audiences expect, deserve and can count on. The Playhouse’s new 2021 Season will be announced to all patrons and the general public in January, and Box Office will begin to accept bookings at that time. This will give the theatre a better idea of the number of seats they will actually be able to sell per show in response to any updated health and safety protocols.

“One of the aspects of the pandemic is that it’s made the world a smaller place,” says Bowes.  “Everyone is experiencing the same challenges. The theatre world is no exception. It’s a particularly challenged sector and the inherent issues we face as a live performance experience are shared by theatre companies across this country and globally. Our stages are as dark as those on Broadway, where many of us have friends in shows like Come From Away, whose doors were shuttered and lights were turned off the same week as ours. But something else theatres and audiences all share is the tenacity to be patient, resourceful and committed to finding solutions to the challenges of opening our doors, lighting our stages and creating live theatre and music again in a way that is safe for all of us.”