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Construction Notice – Work Affecting Public Traffic MTO Contract No. 2018-4023

Louis W. Bray Construction Limited has been retained by the Ministry of Transportation to perform construction work on the Highway 401 / County Road 31 underpass, under contract number 2018-4023.

Construction operations at the County Road 31 bridge over Highway 401 is anticipated to continue until November 13, 2020. Remaining work includes completion of the new road alignment connecting to the new bridge structure, modification to the existing County Road 31 and the Interchange Ramps to/from Highway 401 to tie these into the new road alignment, followed by the demolition of the existing County Road 31 bridge and reclamation of the old road alignment.

ADVANCED NOTICE – Full Closure of County Road 31 – Highway 401 Westbound Access Ramps (North Ramp Terminal)

  • The onramp and offramp between County Road 31 and Highway 401 Westbound (Terminal located North of Highway 401) will be closed for a period of 10 consecutive days beginning on September 8, 2020 to facilitate the reconstruction of the ramps to connect to the new road alignment.
  • Highway 401 Westbound traffic seeking access to County Road 31 will be detoured via the Upper Canada Road Interchange (Exit 758) to County Road 2. County Road 31 traffic seeking access to Highway 401 Westbound will be detoured via County Road 2 to the Carman Road Interchange (Exit 738).
  • County Road 31 and Hwy 401 themselves will remain open to traffic during the closure of these ramps.
  • Below is an illustration of the detour route that will be in place for affected Highway 401 traffic.

The closure date noted above is subject to potential change based on weather conditions and the progress of the project. As such, additional advanced notifications will be distributed to detail any new closures, dates, times and if any alterations are made to the detour routes.