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Municipal Drains Invoices Due

Please be advised that invoices issued for maintenance on the following Municipal Drains are due on or before November 30, 2020. A late charge will apply for payments made after this date.


Howard Mellan Drain

Jollotta Drain

Smail Drain

TA Weaver Drain

Steele Drain

BMG Branch of John Hanes Drain

Ralph Summers Drain

Gibbon Branch of Van Der Spank Drain

Gordon Garlough Drain

Charles M Whittaker Drain



Thomas Merkley Drain

Aden K Casselman Drain

Doran Creek Drain

Armstrong Branch of the Doran Creek

GD Baldwin Drain

Henderson Branch of the Devlin Drain

Branch A of the Devlin Drain

Empey Drain

Devlin Drain



Invoices can be paid remotely by mailing a cheque or online banking using your Roll Number (please call if using this method). In person payments may be made using cash, cheque or debit. Credit cards are not accepted.