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Organic Waste temporarily accepted at Matilda Landfill

Beginning January 9, 2021 the Matilda Landfill Site will accept the following Organic Materials Free of Charge (gate fees will also be waived):

  • Wood chips
  • Leaf and yard waste

Branches and tree trunks will continue to be charged the normal gate fee plus load size.

Why is the Municipality closing the Morrisburg Compost Site? 

All residential waste management is mandated under the Province of Ontario Municipal Act, which outlines the ways that a Municipality must collect or manage residential solid waste such as garbage and recycling. While it is the Municipality’s responsibility to facilitate the collection and management of these materials, we must do so by following strict guidelines outlined by the Province. Not following these guidelines can often result in hefty fines.

Compost sites require Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) from the Province under Ontario Regulation 101/94. The South Dundas compost sites do not have ECAs and are currently operating in contravention to O. Reg. 101/94.

Municipal staff, Council, and the Ministry of Environment are working to provide organic waste solutions to our residents. Until such a time, the above materials will be accepted at the Matilda Landfill free of charge.

The Municipality hopes this will allow residents to utilize the facility for their leaf and yard waste materials while the composting facilities are under review by the Province.