The Municipality of South Dundas
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New speed limits come into effect


On December 21, 2020, the Council of the Municipality of South Dundas approved new speed limits for a selection of roads within the Municipality. During the month of January, the new speed limit signs will be erected, at which time those speed limits will come into effect.

Reminder that within the villages of Iroquois and Morrisburg, the speed limits are 50km/hr.

The roads and limits are as follows:

Road Name: Cross Section: Speed Limit (km/hr)
Main Street N/A 20
Plaza Drive N/A 20
Cindy Crescent N/A 50
Coyle Drive N/A 50
Golf Club Road N/A 50
Riverside Drive N/A 50
Saver Road N/A 50
William Street N/A 50
Carman Road 100m South of Elizabeth Drive to end. 60
Dr. Miller Drive N/A 60
Hanesville Road 300m West of County Rd 1 to County Rd 1. 60
Lakeshore Drive Cherry Street to County Rd 2 60