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Draft Short-Term Rental By-Law – Feedback Wanted!

The Short-Term Rental Licensing By-Law aims to provide regulations to ensure the safe operation of Short-Term Rental operations in South Dundas. Short-Term rentals are defined by limited bedrooms, occupants and duration of stay. They are not Bed & Breakfasts, motels, hotels, hospitals, tourist inns, or accommodations where there is no payment exchanged.

The survey and comment form will be open until May 7, 2021 at 4:00 pm. If you have questions about the draft by-law please contact

To provide overall feedback on the draft by-law, please read the PDF below and fill out the comment form.

Short Term Rental Licensing – DRAFT By-Law

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For targeted questions pertaining to specific sections of the draft by-law, fill out the survey below.

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