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New waste collection contractor starts May 3

In front of Truck #136 is driver Hollis Priddle and Operations Manager Linda Stabler. In front of Truck #134 is driver Patrick Papineau and Driver Supervisor Kimberly Parisien.

Starting May 3, 2021 South Dundas residents will see a new (blue) truck picking up their curbside waste. The truck is a split-back, meaning one truck can collect both garbage and recycling which is separated to each side.
While the routes should stay the same, there are always chances that delays or changes need to be made due to a variety of issues. We don’t want you to miss your collection so be sure to have your waste at the curbside before 7:00am! Collection can continue until 7:00pm.
Late or next day collections due to issues will be advertised on the Municipal social media channels.
Let’s all welcome the HGC Management team to South Dundas!