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Speak Up South Dundas!

It’s time to Speak Up South Dundas! The Municipality of South Dundas launched a new community engagement platform today, October 19, 2021. is a new website dedicated to fostering ideas, discussions and opinions directly from residents. The platform will aim to encourage community feedback so that Municipal Council and Staff can make decisions with input from residents.

To participate, residents will need to make an account by Registering on the website. Once they register, they will have access to a list of available projects open for public comments. Each of the projects will remain open for an allotted time and will use a variation of eight engagement tools to help residents participate.

“While things like social media can sometimes promote discussions, a lot also gets lost in the sheer volume of voices online. This new platform gives the Municipality a chance to gather opinions in an official capacity. By participating, residents can be sure their ideas and comments will be heard,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds.

Those who register won’t have to participate on every issue but can choose which topics interest them as more come online. There are also features where participants can vote on ideas that they like or share stories with one another.

To launch the platform, two projects are available for comment. The Municipality is looking for discussion regarding composting in South Dundas, as well as a quick poll to determine if there is interest in a user-pay system. The platform also has an ideas project where the Municipality is requesting ideas about how to make South Dundas a better place to live, work, visit and play.

Visit to register today!