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Public Notice – Morrisburg Waterfront Pathways

Please be aware that the Morrisburg Pathways will remain closed throughout the winter. Unfortunately, due to the extensive rainfall in October and the proximity to the river, the area is too wet to complete the asphalt paving of the pathways at this time.

The base of the waterfront pathways is made up of granular material. Because of the wet conditions, this base will not accept the paving equipment. Any attempt to place heavy equipment over the granular at this time, will result in water being displaced, which will then return and cause severe cracks and deformation to the asphalt surface. The result will be a pathway that is in a similar condition as the one removed prior to the rehabilitation project. In order to ensure the project is successful, staff and the contractor will wait until dry conditions permit paving. This will result in a pathway that has an expected lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

See the Council discussion and decision on the issue here at time 3:25:35.

The pathways are to remain closed and will not be plowed or maintained for winter use. We do not recommend using the pathways as the uneven ground and any ice could be hazardous.

We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.