The Municipality of South Dundas
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The Council of the Municipality of South Dundas enacts by-laws that govern the Municipality. These by-laws regulate lands, the use of lands, health and safety and environmental protection.

The Municipality encourages its residents and businesses to comply with its by-laws. Offenders are given a first-time warning or an order (depending on the type and seriousness of the infraction). Should the offender not comply with the warning or order, the Municipality has further recourse either through the legal system or to do such work to resolve the infraction.

The South Dundas website also contains a list of many common interest by-laws which can be found here.

By-Law Complaints

By-Law Complaint Procedure

Complaint Form

Complaint Form Steps (PDF):

1. Open and fill in document

2. Go to “File” and “Save As” to save document

3. Email saved document to:

If your complaint is of an urgent nature, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Department at 613-543-2673.