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Youth Engagement

Youth Achieving Great Things in South Dundas

It’s no secret that South Dundas is a socially active community, home to many volunteers and individuals achieving great feats. South Dundas thrives from the organizations, volunteers and residents that continuously make positive impacts on the area. What you may be surprised to learn is that among these groups are avid and enthusiastic youth. These individuals are creating personal success for themselves, as well as making South Dundas an overall better place to live.

This summer, the Municipality of South Dundas recognized outstanding youth who are frequently making a difference and are accomplishing major achievements. These community members were featured in a story profile that can be found below.

Youth Stories

Youth Doing Great Things Edition 1 – Shayna VanBeilen

Youth Doing Great Things Edition 2 – Sarah McMillan

Youth Doing Great Things Edition 3 – Bryce St. Pierre