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Water and Wastewater Rates

Fees for water service in Morrisburg and Iroquois are charged to residents, businesses and industries which consists of three components:

  1. Water fixed/flat rate
  2. Water consumption (per m3)
  3. Water capital levy (per m3)

The wastewater surcharge is a percentage of the water fixed/flat rate and water consumption charge. The wastewater surcharge is  75% for Morrisburg and 100% for Iroquois.

The Operation Plan Manual is available for public viewing at the South Dundas Municipal Office and you can find additional details on water and sewer rates below.

Capital Levy & Water Connection Fees:
By-Law 2021-61

Flat Rate, Consumption Rate & Wastewater Connection Fees:
By-Law 2021-62

2021 Changes

On July 1, 2021 the water rate will increase by $7.50/per month ($42.82/month for a typical residential unit and small commercial user) and the water capital levy will increase by $0.23/m3 ($1.03/m3 for all users).

These increases are being made to support projects that are ongoing and are expected in the future. The increases are especially important for the Municipality’s Asset Management Program. Why is this important?

A good Asset Management Plan allows the Municipality to plan for major maintenance events and future capital replacements. The success of the Asset Management Plan is dependent on the funding available. User rates contribute to the funding for these maintenance events and replacements. The Municipality attempts to keep rates from dramatic increases by putting away reserves from the current user rates so there is a funding source available to partially or fully fund replacements and repairs.

Description Previous Rate New Rate
Residential Water Fixed Rate $35.32 Monthly $42.82 Monthly
Water Consumption Rate $0.70 per m3 $0.70 per m3
Water Plant Capital Levy $0.80 per m3 $1.03 per m3

*See By-Law 2021-62 for Industrial, Commercial & Institutional rates.

2021 Budget 

Read the 2021 Water/ Wastewater Budget Package: 2021 Water & Wastewater Budget

The Council of the Municipality of South Dundas held three meetings to consider the 2021 Water/Wastewater Budget. To watch the meetings, go to the South Dundas Council YouTube Channel or click the links below.

April 8, 2021 Meeting

April 22, 2021 Meeting

May 31, 2021 Meeting

What do your rates pay for in 2021 & 2022?

Water Towers
Loan Payments
Asset Management Carman Road
(Watermain Repairs)

Operational funding to continue high-quality drinking water and wastewater treatment services.

Operating costs for 2021: $1,900,939

Repairs and repainting to ensure the continued delivery of drinking water to Morrisburg & Iroquois.

Rehabilitation total cost: $2,297,507

Infrastructure Ontario Loans (water towers & water treatment plant), South Dundas Growth Loan.

2021 Loan Repayments: $361,915

Building reserves for the funding of replacements and repairs to maintain or improve service delivery.

2021 Contributions: $501,309

Relining of watermain will reduce leakage and breaks for drinking water delivery to the Village of Iroquois.

Cost estimate pending engineer report.