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How Does the Sport Lending Library Work?

In order to borrow equipment from the Library, the borrower must be a resident of South Dundas. A borrower must provide proper I.D. and fill out a membership form. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to fill out the necessary information. Once the forms have been filled out, a borrower is welcome to use any equipment for up to 3 days.

What Are the Hours of the Sport Lending Library?

The South Dundas Sports Lending Library is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Is There a Fee to Borrow Equipment?

The equipment is FREE to borrow. A membership card will be created for each borrower so that every subsequent visit will simply be a matter of providing I.D. to match the membership card.

Where is the Lending Library Located?

The Library is located on the east side of the Morrisburg Arena, beside the Community Food Share.

Where Are the Skates Located?

All pairs of skates are located within the Morrisburg Arena. To access the skates please speak to one of the arena staff, they will be happy to help set you up with skates and a helmet. There are skates ranging from children's sizes through youth and up to male size 12. Skate borrowing is also FREE!

Does the Sport Lending Library Accept Used Equipment?

Unfortunately the Library will not be accepting used equipment. The main concern is that the library would become a 'dumping ground' for unwanted, old equipment. If you have equipment you can no longer use but feel is still in good shape, it is recommended that you visit the House of Lazarus in Mountain and donate it there.

What If I Can't Get To The Lending Library During Operating Hours?

Residents are encouraged to contact Jamie Scott, Community Program Coordinator with any questions or concerns regarding the hours or any other details about the Sport Lending Library.

Jamie can be contacted by phone at (613)543-2673

or by email:

Contact the Community Program Coordinator

How Can I book a Piece of Equipment?

Residents of South Dundas can book a piece of equipment by calling 613-543-2673.