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Charter for Active Living

The Charter For Active Living was created in a joint effort between South Dundas Recreation and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. It is an adopted document approved by the Mayor and Council of South Dundas.

South Dundas is committed to the well-being of its citizens and continues to improve access to sport and recreation while jointly educating individuals on how to be healthier and more active.

On this page you will find links to organizations, businesses, community members and groups who have joined the call for people to become more active and healthy in their everyday lives.

Contact the Recreation Department to learn how your organization can adopt the vision and goals of the Charter for Active Living today!


  • Seaway District High School
  • Iroquois Public School
  • Morrisburg Public School
  • St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School


  • Sports Fix
  • Curves Morrisburg
  • Beavers Sybrom Dental Specialities


  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit
  • House of Lazarus
  • All Things Food/ Bouffe 360