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Farm 911

South Dundas is proud to announce the Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program. Our project is inspired by Farm 911 The Emily Project. Farm accidents often occur in remote locations. This can make it difficult for first responders to locate the emergency and respond in time.


The project encourages farm owners to apply for a civic address located at the entrances of these rural properties to help first responders locate an emergency as soon as possible.

In the event of an emergency, no one should have to wait helplessly for first responders. Time is everything, and a civic address at the entrance to a farm field could make all the difference. South Dundas encourages agricultural property owners to inquire and apply for the installation of one of these civic addresses.


Agricultural property owners interested in the program can access the applications below or at the South Dundas Municipal Centre. Return completed forms to the South Dundas Municipal Centre along with a $125.00 fee. The Municipality will be offering the first 100 signs for only $75.00. (A limit of two signs per landowner will be available at the reduced rate.)

Application & Forms