The Municipality of South Dundas
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New Resident Package

Welcome to South Dundas!

We are happy to welcome you to our community.

The South Dundas New Residents Package is available to support new residents find the resources they need to live, work and play in South Dundas.

The package includes:

  • Welcome to South Dundas Pamphlet
  • Map of the Municipality of South Dundas
  • South Dundas Community Guide
  • South Dundas Burn Permit Information
  • A Guide to Building Permits in South Dundas
  • Discover Tourism Guide
  • SDG & Cornwall Adventure Club Cycling Map

How to Request a Package

  • Any new resident of the Municipality of South Dundas can request a New Resident Package
  • The package will be assembled based on request. If you request a hard copy package, you will be called when it is ready for pickup.
  • Due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, packages can only be picked up in the first-floor main lobby of the South Dundas Municipal Centre.
Click here to request a New Resident Package