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Permit Applications & Fees

Below you will find applications for the building and demolition permits required for a number of home renovation, building, demolition, and other construction projects, as well as the current fee structure associated with the application of these permits. Contact the Building Department early in the planning stages of your project BEFORE any drawings are started.

Building Permit Application Forms are available at the South Dundas Municipal Office or can be printed off from the links below. Completed forms should be brought to the Municipal Office accompanied by the following requirements.


Prior to the issuance of a Building Permit, the owner, builder or contractor must comply with the following requirements. Please note, incomplete applications may not be accepted.

1. Septic system permit: South Nation Conservation
South Nation Conservation/
Monique Sauve (Program Coordinator)
Phone: 613-984-2948 ex. 316
Fax: 613-984-2872
Cell: 613-551-3117
2. Entrance-way permit/Setback permit:
Municipal Roads/
County Roads/
3. South Nation River Conservation (consent where applicable)
Example: Flood Plan/
4. Completed Application Form
5. Completed Schedule 1: Designer Information Form
6. Proof of Ownership or Authorization Form (when applying on behalf of owner)
7. Two (2) sets of building plans for proposed structure
8. Site plan of property depicting proposed structure with setbacks and any existing buildings on property

Site Plan – Rural Example

Site Plan – Rural Template

Site Plan – Urban Example

Site Plan – Urban Template

9. Completion of the Energy Efficiency Design Summary
10. Completion of the HVAC Design Summary
11. Receipt of required fees

Applications & Checklists

Residential Renovations Permit Application

Private Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas Permit Application

Residential Decks Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

New Residential Construction Permit Application

Residential Accessory Buildings Permit Application

Residential Additions, Attached Garages and Carports Permit Application

Entrance Application

Schedule 1: Designer Information

Energy Efficiency Design Summary


Permit Fees