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Staff Contact Information

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Corporate Services

Chief Administrative Officer Shannon Geraghty Contact the Chief Administrative Officer
Director of Corporate Services/Clerk Brenda Brunt Contact the Director of Corporate Services/Clerk
Communications  Coordinator Kalynn Sawyer Helmer Contact the Communications Coordinator
Administrative Assistant Tara Fairbairn Contact the Administrative Assistant


Treasurer Sarah McMillan Contact the Treasurer
Deputy Treasurer Shawn Mason Contact the Deputy Treasurer
Accounts Payable Greg De Dekker Contact Accounts Payable
Tax and Utility Coordinator Lea Anne Munro Contact the Tax and Utility Coordinator

Planning, Building and By-Law

Director of Building, Planning & Enforcement Building, Planning & Enforcement
Deputy Chief Building Official Nicole Lowey Contact the Deputy Chief Building Official
By-Law Enforcement Officer Justin Elliott Contact the By-Law Enforcement Officer

Economic Development

Economic Development Officer Rob Hunter Contact the Economic Development Officer

Parks and Recreation

Director of Recreation and Facilities Ben Macpherson Contact the Director of Recreation and Facilities
Community Program Coordinator Jamie Scott Contact the Community Program Coordinator

Public Works

Director of Transportation Jeff Hyndman Contact the Director of Transportation

Fire and Emergency Services

Director of Fire and Emergency Services Cameron Morehouse Contact the Director of Fire and Emergency Services
Assistant Coordinator Chris Paulino Contact the Assistant Coordinator