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Staff Contact Information

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Corporate Services

Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer Shannon Geraghty sgeraghty@southdundas.com
Director of Corporate Services/Clerk Brenda Brunt bbrunt@southdundas.com
Communications and Tourism Coordinator Katherine Wells kwells@southdundas.com
Administrative Assistant Tara Fairbairn tfairbairn@southdundas.com
Administrative Assistant Chelsea de Haan cdehaan@southdundas.com
Administrative Assistant Amanda Alexander aalexander@southdundas.com



Deputy Treasurer Sarah McMillan smcmillan@southdundas.com
Accounting Assistant Shawn Mason smason@southdundas.com
Accounts Payable Greg De Dekker gdedekker@southdundas.com
Tax and Utility Coordinator Lea Anne Munro lamunro@southdundas.com

Planning, Building and By-Law

Director of Building, Planning & Enforcement Don J.W. Lewis dlewis@southdundas.com
Building Inspector/Deputy CBO Dan Tessier dtessier@southdundas.com
By-Law Enforcement Officer Justin Elliott bylaw@southdundas.com

Economic Development

Economic Development Officer Rob Hunter rhunter@southdundas.com

Parks and Recreation

Director of Recreation and Facilities Ben Macpherson bmacpherson@southdundas.com

Public Works

Director of Transportation Jeff Hyndman jhyndman@southdundas.com

Fire and Emergency Services

Director of Fire and Emergency Services Cameron Morehouse cmorehouse@southdundas.com
Assistant Coordinator Chris Paulino fes@southdundas.com